Wood is an excellent construction material for terraces. It is a natural raw material which is easy to process as well as robust and durable at the same time. In the summer it doesn’t heat up excessively, and on colder days it remains pleasantly warm to the feet.

We don’t offer you just any kind of wood, but terrace decking made of Douglas fir, which is manufactured in rift / half rift cut. That’s for a reason: Douglas fir is a particularly durable and weather-resistant kind of wood from our local forests. Its reddish colour and uniform surface texture create a homey atmosphere in the outdoor area. The rift-cut gives the terrace decking a calm appearance, makes it more dimensionally stable and last around 15 and more years with the correct maintenance.

Wood quality: Select assortment

Our terrace decking complies exclusively with the official “Select assortment” quality standard.


Standard dimensions: 25 mm × 120 mm
Optional fixed length: 3–6 m
Our floorboards are made in 50 cm intervals

The full effect of the terrace decking unfurls when the floorboards extend along the complete length of the terrace. Matching accessories for visible or invisible fastening are available from us. We will be pleased to assist you personally, please contact us.


Our floorboards have what are known as vertical annual rings (rift and half-rift). This means that they are made from heartwood. These vertical annual rings lend the floorboards a calm, straight and uniform surface texture, and provide for a homey atmosphere in the outdoor area.


Douglas fir terrace deckings have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Its high resin content acts as a natural impregnation and makes the wood resistant to pests, fungi and moisture. This means that chemical treatment is not necessary.

The right substructure is crucial for the longevity of Douglas fir decking boards.

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Colouring and surfaces

We treat our Douglas fir terrace decking in strict accordance with our customers’ wishes with lye, soap or oil, all specially designed for outdoor use. This gives the wood a classic Scandinavian look. A treatment with pure oil, for example, emphasizes the naturally warm character of Douglas fir.

Our terrace decking can be combined very successfully with our interior wood floors. We will be pleased to assist you regarding the texture and colour scheme to ensure that your floors have uniform visuals – indoors and out.






Would like to see what these surfaces look like in person? Then simply order a sample. We will send it to your chosen address.






Would like to see what these surfaces look like in person? Then simply order a sample. We will send it to your chosen address.

Assortments, texture and grain

Premium Assortment

The quality of wood is high when the proportion of quality-reducing characteristics in a wood product is low. In the “Premium assortment”, cracks and hollow knotholes may only occur to a very small extent on the A-side of the terrace decking. While the “Standard & Better” and “First & Second” (FAS) grades are also available on the market, which can also include second grades to a certain ratio, our terrace decking complies with the official “Select assortment” standard of quality.

We always use trees that are between 80 and 120 years old and which only have a small amount of sapwood. Our almost knot-free material therefore meets the highest requirements concerning wear and aesthetics.

To ensure that our terrace decking achieves the quality to which our customers are accustomed, they go through a lengthy process:

Selection – The origin of our Douglas firs is our home region: the Black Forest.
Production – Modern machinery and trained personnel ensure the best processing.
Hand sorting – Before shipping, we check each floorboard according to our sorting criteria.
Terrace construction – We provide advice to ensure the correct construction and lasting quality of your wooden terrace.


Rift and half-rift

Depending on the part of the tree trunk that the floorboard is sawn from, the annual rings meet the surface of the floorboard at different angles. When floorboards with a similar rift are fitted, the uniform annual ring pattern in the grain of the floor creates generally calm visuals.