Douglas fir wood boasts a stunning grain pattern that complements a wide range of interior designs. You have the freedom to choose from various finishing options to create a look that best suits your style - be it a luxurious, dark finish or a modern, light one. If you want to enhance the reddish, natural grain, applying a natural oil can help achieve that effect. On the other hand, treating the wood with lye, white oil, or pigmented floor soap can produce a smooth and uniform appearance.

A giant in German forests

The Douglas fir is a towering evergreen conifer that can reach heights of up to 65 meters, earning its status as a giant of the European forests. Its impressive features, including its robustness, fine growth, and near absence of knots, contribute to its immense popularity.

Grown in the Black Forest region in southern Germany

Our Douglas firs originate from our home region - the Black Forest, where they are exclusively cultivated in sustainably managed forests for a period of 80 to 120 years before we select and utilize them.

Enduring for generations.

German Douglas fir flooring has an exceptionally long lifespan, frequently enduring for multiple generations. Both solid wood and engineered boards can be re-sanded numerous times. The wood's sturdiness makes it ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms, as long as it is properly maintained and treated. The strength and flexibility of Douglas fir wood make it an excellent flooring option. To see our reference project, please click here!

Solid wide planks or engineered floorboards?

Solid and engineered Douglas fir wide plank floors provide a perfect blend of visual appeal, longevity, and timeless elegance.

Solid wide planks

Our solid wide plank made of Douglas fir, also known as "castle planks" are manufactured our of slow grown Douglas fir trees from Southern Germany. Due to the sparse, higher-altitude forest floors, the wood is particularly fine-grained, consists of few knots and is very robust.

Advantages of solid wide planks
  • natural and authentic floor made of 100% solid wood
  • 28 mm or 35 mm thick
  • Suitable for underfloor heating with some limitations
  • harder than other coniferous species due to its distinctive red core
  • long lifespan > 100 years
  • can be sanded multiple times
  • can be glued or screwed down
Interior spaces and applications

Douglas fir is robust and suitable for all interior spaces, including the kitchen or hallway. Higher point loads require more care, however. Therefore, please note the care instructions.

Age and origin of the trees

The Douglas fir tree grows to around 80 to 120 years old before we harvest it. Our wood exclusively comes from the southern German region or the Vosges. Almost all of our forest areas are PEFC and FSC certified.

Dimensions, characteristics and prices

thickness x width:

  • 20 mm x 125 mm Rift & Quarter- sawn
  • 28 mm × 200 mm
  • 28 mm × 250 mm
  • 28 mm × 300 mm
  • 35 mm × 350 mm
  • 35 mm × 400 mm

Length options:

  • Room lengths: 1-15 m
  • Random lengths with four sides tongue & groove: 1-5 m

Wood moisture content: approx. 8-10%

Starting at 74 €/m² excl. VAT

Engineered Floorboards

Our engineered Douglas fir floorboards are a more functional alternative to our solid wood floorboards, especially in cases of lower floor heights and slightly higher fluctuations in room climate. The three layers are always glued crosswise to each other, which "locks" the movement of the three layers. The top layer typically consists of a 4-6 mm thick Douglas fir sawn veneer.

Advantages of the engineered Douglas fir floorboards
  • ideally suited for underfloor heating
  • handcrafted with care
  • high durability due to 4.5–6 mm top layer, total thickness between 17- 21 mm optional
  • special formats possible, up to 400 mm wide and 15 m long
  • high quality floor with core and back layer made from spruce rift/quarter sawn wood
  • limited open joint formation and high dimensional stability
  • Factory finish treatment with lye, oil and floorsoaps
  • Can be installed by gluing, screwing, or floating.
Interior spaces and applications

Douglas fir is robust and suitable for all interior spaces, including the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Higher point loads require more care. Therefore, please note the care instructions.

Age and origin of the trees

The Douglas fir lives for approximately 80 to 120 years – until we fell it. Our Douglas fir wood originates exclusively from southern Germany.

Almost all of our forest areas are PEFC and FSC certified.

Dimensions, characteristics & Prices

Thickness x Width:

  • 17/21 mm x 200 mm
  • 17/21 mm x 250 mm
  • 17/21 mm x 300 mm
  • 17/21 mm x 350 mm
  • 17/21 mm x 400 mm

Length options:

  • Room lengths: 1-15 m
  • Variable lengths with long side T&G and front-/backside G&G, with added tongue: 1-7 m

Wood moisture content: 7% +-1%

Starting at 101 €/m² excl. VAT

We provide comprehensive support throughout your project, and our team is always available to assist you during the planning and installation stages.

Colouring and surfaces

Whether you prefer a "Scandinavian" white washed look or a more rustic reddish tone, Douglas fir can be treated with lye, soap, and oil to adapt to various interior styles with a lighter treatment. Whether sanded or brushed, the wood remains breathable and promotes a healthy indoor environment. You can choose whether your Douglas fir flooring will be dark and warm or light and modern.

White Lye & Natural Oil

White Lye & White Oil

White Lye & White Soap

Extra White Lye & Extra White Oil

Natural Oil

White Oil

Chocolate Oil

Black Oil

Extra White Oil

Would like to see what these surfaces look like in person? Then simply order a sample. We will send it to your chosen address.

Knot grading, texture and grain

Each tree has its own unique characteristics and qualities that make it special. When used as flooring, these characteristics can create a harmonious balance with the space and the people who use it.

The appearance of the plank floor is defined by the natural wood characteristics such as colour, knottiness and other features. To guarantee a high quality product, every tree and every plank is assessed and sorted according to our quality criteria. Knots and other defects are fixed and filled. This results in an even, beautiful surface.

Country Classic

The "Country Classic" grading has a healthy knot pattern with a higher number of knots, also depending on the total length and width of the floorboards. Natural colour differences may occur.

Urban Classic

The "Urban Classic" grading has a calm and elegant appearance, with few and small knots. The lack of knots provides a clean and sleek look, and the fine matured texture gives a sophisticated touch to the flooring.

Length Options