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We manufacture solid and engineered wide plank flooring out of German and French wood species such as Douglas fir, Oak, Ash, European Larch and Silver fir. Explore the various wood species, plank dimensions, and colors.

Rooted deeply in our home region, the Black Forest.

Having grown up here, we know the many special attributes of our local forests. Some of them have been owned by families for several generations and bring with them the traditional handling of the raw material of wood. To create the perfect harmony between the residents and their home, we seek out the right tree trunk in person. Our trees originate from sustainable forestry. In this way, we not only ensure healthy forests, but also high-quality wood for further use.


Daily use means that the surface of the floor is often exposed to heavy wear. Despite this, we rely on purely natural solutions for the treatment of the surfaces. For our wood, we make use of the protective and regenerative properties of oil and soap. If slight damage occurs to the surface of the wood, it can be repaired with little effort by treating it with care oil or another soap-based treatment. We are also able to factory-polish the floors to obtain a smoother surface, and brush them to bring out the natural texture of the wood.

Technical information


Solid Plank

Milled from a single piece of timber
Plank widths between 20 cm to 40 cm
28 mm thick or 35 mm thick
Pre- sanded or with a factory finish

Engineered Floorboard

3 layers - with a 5-6 mm wear layer
100% handcrafted
Suitable for underfloor heating systems.
A wide choice of surface textures and colours

Knot Grading

Country Classic

The "Country Classic" grading has a healthy knot pattern with a higher number of knots, also depending on the total length and width of the floorboards. Natural colour differences may occur.

Urban Classic

The "Urban Classic" grading has a calm and elegant appearance, with few and small knots. The lack of knots provides a clean and sleek look, and the fine matured texture gives a sophisticated touch to the flooring.

Floorboard length options

Room lengths

Room-long floorboards are generously proportioned – being as long as the room in which they are fitted. Long, uniform floorboards ensure a sense of spaciousness and visual tranquility in the room.

Variable lengths

Variable lengths offer an ideal wood yield. With their limited scrap wood, variable lengths are exceptionally attractive in terms of both economy and ecology. They create a flat impression and allow for the seamless connection of large, open interior areas.



The way a tree trunk is cut in a sawmill determines the type of floorboards that can be produced. The two main types are flat cut, also known as rift and quarter-sawn, and slab cut. Slab cut results in wider plank flooring and a more lively age ring progression. In contrast, the annual rings in rift/quarter-sawn flooring extend uniformly in one direction, creating a more calm and consistent grain pattern. These floorboards are also smaller in size compared to château floorboards. We can also customize rift/quarter-sawn planks to meet specific dimensional requirements for our customers.